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Encrypting your Online Presence with Homomorphic Encryption

Data privacy and security has been a major concern for businesses nowadays, as everything is being moved to the online platform. Data is considered as the most precious thing in the world, it is being assumed as precious as Oil for the previous time. Everything is in the data, anything personal, anything official, or anything confidential that either can create a whole new world or can destroy our world in a second. Like this, there are lots of sensitive data used in a business or organization which may alter the business’s future, should be stored securely. Because if any of that information ends up in the wrong hands or if not secured enough with utmost importance, the business can fall at its face very likely. But at the same time, it is well worth bringing the business online due to its undeniable benefits, also online business saves a lot of resources like cost and time which lets the business to invest further in the more important parts. As well as if the business is not on the digital platform, then it may even run out of customers, as most of the customers are online today with the easy availability of the internet and smartphones. But, there are thieves too whom we can’t prevent with the physical lock and key, so how do we keep our data secure online? To answer this question, you have to read the full article. Today, I will depict an encryption method with which one can make their online business secure and prevent it from digital thieves. So, let’s start!

Encrypting Your Online Presence with Homomorphic Encryption

Encryption is the main solution to prevent every digital stealing or data breaching, and this falls into two categories; Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption. Homomorphic Encryption is an encryption technique to use a particular set of data without decryption. In simple words, this method allows operations to be done on the data without the operator gaining any access to the real data. It is a rapidly developing sector which is still not very popular, as it is still growing. Homomorphic Encryption was first coined in the 1970s. In the basic Homomorphic Encryption, there are two sets of data: The Private Data and The Public Data. So the data which needs to be encrypted is generally public and the operating data which needs to be decrypted is private. Though it sounds like any normal encrypting methods, it has two strong advantages, which I depicted followingly,

Secures the Most Sensitive Data

You may think that what is unique in it, as the maximum of the encryption methods state the same, but to understand this clearly, we have to take a closer look at the working of this encryption process. Let’s consider the simple task of sending a text message that I sent to one of my clients, i.e., “Your product XYZ is delivered”, now with this encryption process, this message will get encrypted to “123 456 789 10 1112”. So, even if a hacker is keeping an eye on my messages, he can only see the encrypted message but he cannot decipher this. Only my client will receive the decrypted message, so the information will always remain in secrecy. This example clears our doubts on how our data will be protected even in cloud mode. Companies that have outsourced most of their storage or operation sectors to cloud giants like AWS, will get benefited from this encryption method the most. They can send out the encrypted data to the cloud where it is operated on without the decryption and finally the output is sent back to the company where it can only be decrypted.

Provides Insurance Against Data Misuse.

This is the major advantage of Homomorphic Encryption one can get. If your business is on the cloud platform, and in some situations, the cloud provider turns against you, it will not be much concern for you if you use this encryption method, as your data can never be misused by them. All they will have is encrypted codes that cannot be deciphered so that your business will never suffer for any data breaches.

But as you know, anything that comes with great benefits also has some undeniable disadvantages. Like, Homomorphic Encryption has some disadvantages too. It is too slow to compute as of now, hence it seems impractical. But there are partially Homomorphic Encryption methods that work fine. Also, this encryption method is malleable, i.e., your data output can be modified by hackers, if they use modern technologies. For instance, let’s take the example of the text message sending. Your message definitely cannot be read by the hackers, but it can be modified or deleted. So your client might end up getting different information from the one you sent, which affects your relationship with the customers. Also, as of now, this method is quite pricey for small businesses to be incorporated.

The above-mentioned points show both the advantages and disadvantages of using Homomorphic Encryption in online businesses. Apart from having disadvantages, it is estimated to be very useful to encrypt the confidential information of the business, and as it is still growing, it can be good enough in the future with the modification of the latest technologies. Even though it is slow for existing ones, considering the rocket pace of innovation in the technological field, it will be the future’s choice for data protection. Many researchers are keenly interested in Homomorphic Encryption as it challenges modern encryption methods.

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