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Cyber-Physical System in Recasting Today’s World

Our world is evolving, it is updating itself daily with innovations, either technical or biological. Every day we are inventing something new, we always seek for new things, we try to update ourselves with the innovations, most popular of them are today’s information technology. With the help of updated technology, we remain connected with others even in this pandemic, and still, now we are on the ship. From those modern technologies, today I am going to depict the one which is recasting today’s world with its vast applications in almost every field and the advantages of using it. I guess we all are already aware of the term Cyber-Physical System or CPS, but still, it is best to start from the beginning. So let’s start with the introduction.

Machine Learning for Augmented Supply Chain Networks

We are being dependent on AI or Artificial Intelligence in many ways, it has taken over almost every sector we work in. Even our homes are becoming smart with the implementation of AI and reducing the human effort to a great extent by making the machines able to work like humans but in a better way. There isn’t a single industry left in the world that hasn’t adopted AI technology in its processes. Like that, the logistics are also not far from utilizing AI in their process. Human errors that cannot be controlled by any kind of poka-yoke or kaizen can be completely replaced by machine learning algorithms. Optimized processes can also be well achieved by analyzing the huge data that is impossible to compute at a manual level thus eliminating human error and saving time.

4 Ways Digitized Customer Experience can Beneficiate Your Business Motives

Customer experience is the overall discernment of a customer about your business’s service or brand. Customer care is a subset of the set, ‘The customer experience’. It is also abbreviated as CX. It must be noted that every little thing done in business will impact a customer’s experience. This will decide if they want your services in the future or not. It is impossible to think of any business which won’t get benefited through improved customer experience. So let’s have a look at how digitized customer experience will change the business scenario.

Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic World

It has been 6 months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and set safety rules and regulations all over the World. Governments restricted social gatherings with several lockdowns to allow safe going out for essential services only. The industries and organizations were forced to change their work pattern, work process, and everything. All the employees became remote and started working from their homes to keep the business running. Educational institutes went for virtual teaching only. This pandemic changed everything, including cybersecurity. The more we became digital, the more we made ourselves prone to cyber attacks, and all of this made cybersecurity challenging for the post-pandemic world. Before setting to post-pandemic cybersecurity, let’s get to the reasons why we should consider cybersecurity most importantly.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

Our business process has been changed, we have shifted almost everything from our brick-and-mortar space to digital space. The Digital era has started long ago, but most of us are not used to this flow until the global pandemic hit the world. It set us locked down in our homes, and forced us to operate every essential work from our homes. Almost 70% of the global working population are now working from their homes because we can’t let this pandemic stop our work. For the future post-pandemic world, we have to hold the global economy. And hence a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses run out the track and collapsed, while many of the organizations are leveraging technologies to operate their processes. And the competition is high now, everyone wants to thrive in the post-pandemic world, and the technologies are the only saviors. In this article, I will discuss how organizations can get a competitive advantage by using AI and Advanced Analytics in proper ways. Let’s start with the fact of how AI and analytics mean to the business process.

What is AI-Based Visual Inspection?

We usually check on the foods before serving them to our guests, so that they will not get any trouble after having that. Simultaneously, for a business, it is necessary to check on the products of their production line to check the quality of the products. And this process is called visual inspection. In the whole process, a person who is known as the inspector will check all the products by running them through some tests and visually checking on them, to detect if there are any damages or defects. After the approval, the products will be launched in the market. Sometimes the inspectors have to check the production equipment ads well, to make sure that everything is in a good state. But this whole visual inspection consists of daily repetitive tasks and consumes a lot of time, say for example a whole day or more than a day. And in this hard time when the maximum of the employees are not present in the workplace physically, the inspection is taking more and more time, and here comes the super entry of Artificial Intelligence. So let’s see how AI is taking over the Visual Inspection and its benefits.