Testing   Services

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

The best way to guarantee new item advancement or updates don't upset business tasks is through quality confirmation. WinSquares joins its testing ability with area experience to actualize propelled programming testing procedures over the item lifecycle, empowering conveyance of brilliant items.

UI Automation Testing

Abbreviate the Manual Regression Test Cycle via mechanizing the User Interaction with application for various parts.

Performance Automation Testing

Test of dependability, unwavering quality, and execution of the arrangement under load.

Security Testing

Verifies whether the application is helpless against assaults, on the off chance that anybody can hack the framework or login to the application with no approval.

IoT Testing

Guaranteeing that the product and the equipment frameworks are successfully coordinated and decreasing testing exertion by getting computerization wherever conceivable.

API Automation Testing

Test all rest APIs to guarantee unwavering quality and execution.


Tweaking of the code inside each module.

Manual Testing

Test offerings, for example, client travel testing, availability testing, content approval, cell phone approval, program similarity checks and delicate dispatch approval as a feature of client acknowledgment testing.