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Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

Our business process has been changed, we have shifted almost everything from our brick-and-mortar space to digital space. The Digital era has started long ago, but most of us are not used to this flow until the global pandemic hit the world. It set us locked down in our homes, and forced us to operate every essential work from our homes. Almost 70% of the global working population are now working from their homes because we can’t let this pandemic stop our work. For the future post-pandemic world, we have to hold the global economy. And hence a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses run out the track and collapsed, while many of the organizations are leveraging technologies to operate their processes. And the competition is high now, everyone wants to thrive in the post-pandemic world, and the technologies are the only saviors. In this article, I will discuss how organizations can get a competitive advantage by using AI and Advanced Analytics in proper ways. Let’s start with the fact of how AI and analytics mean to the business process.