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Newfangled eCommerce Website Designing Ideas for 2021

As 2020 is going to an end, we soon are realizing that we have become habituated to the new normal of the pandemic. We have gone digital, we made ourselves more online for almost every interaction, starting from shopping, meet-ups, and business, even in education. The continuous lockdown and social restrictions have made the global economy fall, which the online medium made again live. People from different corners of the world are working online, they are trying their best to hold up the global economy and running their businesses. The companies are hiring remote staff who can work for them from a remote place, far from the workplace.  To avoid the unintentional social gatherings, Governments are setting rules and regulations in the public go out areas, due to this situation, the business persons tend to go online.

Almost all businesses are on the internet now, which increases the market competition, everyone is trying to beat everyone and be the best in their niches. In this scenario, the new startups and small companies who may just have opened their online business will suffer the most as they are novices in the field, so they should have to invest in to make their website professional yet in a catchy way to beat the competition and stay out of it. Now, the present year is almost at an end, so how are you planning the right thing for your website? The Internet may give hundreds of ideas to help make a website. But for keeping up with the huge competition, a company must also upgrade its technological growth and marketing strategies. Hence, today in this article, I will depict some of the new trends for the eCommerce website for the upcoming years.

Newfangled eCommerce Website Designing Ideas for 2021

Many fresh ideas will help streamline the eCommerce business process along with providing excellent revenue generation for the long term. You will get several ideas like this on the internet, but not everything is gonna help you out. As you know quality matters over the quantity. Hence, I am depicting some of the ideas which you have to make sure that you are including on your website followingly. Let us have a deep dive into such ideas,

Create Informative and Alluring Home Page.

Two things make a customer check a company website. One, there should be an eye-catching About Us page. And two, the website’s Home Page, which should be informative in an effectively organized manner. The information should be well placed and explained so that there wouldn’t be much research work required from the reader’s end. The key is to avoid mentioning too much about the company is also the home page, as here you can include everything from your business, and in the coming year’s people will be busier so they will want to get everything at a glance. Also, instead of using more space with the company and team information, you should think of the product displays and the customer testimonials on the home page, which will increase the trustworthiness of your site. Big tech giants like Amazon also follow this. Also, don’ forget about the pop-up integration, all that pops up on the first page is basically about the products and services. Therefore a website’s home page should be a must checked trend for eCommerce website design 2021.

Attractive Color Theme and Palate.

While surfing the Internet on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, people are generally tensed due to the invisible rays coming out of their device’s screen. They may even not be aware of the fact that there is some kind of tension build-up. Therefore using bright colored themes for a website is not desirable. The bright colors may act very attractive in some situations but most times it comes off as a disadvantage. Using pastel colors not only calms the minds of the visitors but also maintains a standard of the website. So a company’s website should be a pastel color themed site.  

Consider Free Product Alert Subscription for Your Viewers.

Giving a free subscription service to notify about the developments or new products is a great idea to gain more customers. It happens that sometimes the customers do not exactly know what they want, so they used to surf websites. Simultaneously they can come to your site, and you have to use this time only. When any of the online shoppers visit your website, provide a subscription form on your site, with which if they subscribe to your newsletter, they will get updates about the latest products on your site, where they might find their desired products and you may get a new customer. This is also a method of targeted marketing, where potential customers stumble upon or research about a company, and in the future when any services are needed that you may provide, and it happens that they already are subscribed to your business, it will benefit both your customers and business.  

Integrate The Customer Relationship and Recognition Section.

When a customer wants to review the customer service quality of a business, they often look into the company’s website for this. If they find out that the company recognizes its valuable customers and has a strong relationship builder with them, it ensures them of their insecurities. Hence you should consider a separate section dedicated only to the relation and rewarding loyal customers to the website. It will have a great positive effect on the business.

Include Work-Flow and Processes Section.

Before investing in a business, there is a lot of information that a customer seeks normally. Therefore it is very essential to display the work-flow and work processes of the organization on the site. The company must also update its new advancements and achievements in this section. Apart from this, an org chart and information of the work team would be more beneficial, so that a customer can contact the person they need to contact, they don’t need to send an email to the whole team regarding specific questions. Also, it would be great if you include some of the FAQs section to your site which will allow the customers to check the answers from the site. It will also reduce stress from your customer service team as well.

The above-mentioned ideas will help you to run your online eCommerce business in the coming years without getting beaten by the competitors and allow you to be in the top position in your niche. With time more new ideas need to be implemented into website building to keep up with the market competition. It will guide the visitors to the company’s insides and build a sense of curiosity in their minds. It will also be helpful if an integrated search tool is added to the website. Existing customers can find the product or services they require in fractions of seconds without going through many links. The search tool should be malleable and should give results in a short time. These methods can help bloom a business gracefully in this digital era. Also, please focus on the mobile eCommerce and the Augmented Reality Integration as these two are the trendiest ones for the present year and beyond.

Thank you for reading the article. In case you have any queries on eCommerce website design, kindly contact us, team WinSquares will be happy to help you. It will be our immense pleasure if you give your valuable feedback in the comment section. Please share this article with your loved ones if you like them. Also, if you need any assistance regarding eCommerce website development, please get in touch, we will provide you with a ready-to-use beautiful website for your online business.


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