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6 Ways Cloud Computing Can Revolutionize Your Business

We all know what cloud computing is, and the benefits of using it in the businesses. With all the in-built security, backup, and storage solutions, it improves the business process and makes the datasets easily accessible to all. There is an option for the Private Cloud to keep the confidential data, which can be accessed by the persons only with whom you have shared the access, also there is the public cloud, accessible to all. And there is the Hybrid Cloud too, having both the features of the public and private cloud. In this article, I will depict some of the common ways Cloud Computing can revolutionize a business and take it to the next level. But before jumping to that part, let’s start with a basic introductory part regarding Cloud Computing.

AWS Database and AWS Hosting for eCommerce

The rise in eCommerce growth started since the digital age hit the world, and since we started to implement modern technologies in our lives extensively. Soon after the pandemic, it again met a surge in its growth. Most of the business owners shifted their physical brick-and-mortar business to the online platforms and stepped up for eCommerce to run the business in this hard time. Along with modern tools and technology integration, it has been proved that eCommerce saves most of the additional business costs by increasing sales and revenues. Among these modern technologies, cloud integration is the most important. For creating an eCommerce site, hosting is needed and in this case, the cloud-based hosting became a gold standard one, even the big eCommerce companies like Alibaba, Amazon, etc all run on cloud hostings. Simultaneously besides it, the increase in using cloud-based databases is also noticeable. A cloud database is a database that typically runs on cloud computing and can be accessed as-a-service like cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the famous cloud computing platforms and API hostings for the individuals, and organizations provided by Amazon. In the following article, I am going to depict how AWS databases and hostings are beneficial for eCommerce.