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AWs Database and AWS Hosting for eCommerce

The rise in eCommerce growth started since the digital age hit the world, and since we started to implement modern technologies in our lives extensively. Soon after the pandemic, it again met a surge in its growth. Most of the business owners shifted their physical brick-and-mortar business to the online platforms and stepped up for eCommerce to run the business in this hard time. Along with modern tools and technology integration, it has been proved that eCommerce saves most of the additional business costs by increasing sales and revenues. Among these modern technologies, cloud integration is the most important. For creating an eCommerce site, hosting is needed and in this case, the cloud-based hosting became a gold standard one, even the big eCommerce companies like Alibaba, Amazon, etc all run on cloud hostings. Simultaneously besides it, the increase in using cloud-based databases is also noticeable. A cloud database is a database that typically runs on cloud computing and can be accessed as-a-service like cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the famous cloud computing platforms and API hostings for the individuals, and organizations provided by Amazon. In the following article, I am going to depict how AWS databases and hostings are beneficial for eCommerce.

What is AWS Hosting and how is it beneficial for eCommerce?

AWS Hosting is a cloud-based web hosting solution powered by Amazon Web Services, that provides a low-cost way to the organizations and the individuals for delivering their sites and applications into the online platform. Besides offering a vast range of website hosting options, AWS Hosting has the following benefits to the eCommerce sites,

Broad Platform for any Software Support.

Different people have different choices, if someone chooses WordPress as their CMS (content management system) then someone goes for others, same as with the SDKs (software development kits). And for the convenience of all the users, AWS hosting offers a broad platform with a vast range of options in the popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. and some popular SDKs like Java, PHP, .Net, etc. So, choosing one’s desirable CMS and SDKs becomes easier.

Access to the Global Datacentres.

Having an eCommerce site means to connect with customers globally and reach them with the products and services. Using AWS hosting one can get access to the data centers of any part of the world or any geographical location of their choices with few clicks. So, if your site is hosted by cloud-based hosting solutions from AWS, then connecting with global customers will not be a tough job for you.

Scale your site from the very first day.

Website traffic can not be controlled and it fluctuates a lot, specifically in holiday times. Whether it is a holiday or the weekends, whenever people get free time they generally surf their desired websites and search for the products and services of their choice. It creates a huge load to the sites when multiple people are surfing the same site from different locations at the same time. As a result, slow loading and slow conversion rate happen, which causes thousands of abandoned carts on the site. But with the scalable infrastructure of AWS hosting, it can be easily avoidable from the very first day of the site.

Only pay for what you have used.

Sometimes it happens in the other web hosting services, that you have to pay for all the services they offer to their hosting solutions, maybe for something you did not even use. But, in AWS cloud-based hosting, you only have to pay for what you have used. Though there is a monthly payment option, where you can pay a fixed amount for a month.

AWS Database and how is it beneficial for eCommerce?

AWS Database or Amazon Relational Database (Amazon RDS) is a distributed cloud-based database service by Amazon Web Services. It simplifies to set up, operate, and scale a database for use in the applications and sites. It also provides a cost-efficient and automated way to database management along with fast performance, higher availability, and security by allowing the site owners to free up his/her time and focus on other important tasks and operations. You can choose your desired database from the 6 in-build AWS database option or you can migrate your old and existing database to it using the AWS Database Migration Services. Using AWS Database beneficiates your eCommerce site in the following way,

Fully automated Database Management.

Using the AWS database you shouldn’t have to worry about the data management tasks like server provisioning, and data patch up, backup, recovery, etc. Because AWS itself monitors the cluster of your data and automates certain management tasks. It will also automatically scale the database and manage the storage without interrupting your work, and free you up for the other essential works.

Highly-Scalable database.

You will get a relational database which is approximately 5 times faster than the non-relational database popular in the market. Start your site with a small database and then scale it by your own at any time when the site grows, without losing any customers or without having any downtime on your site.

Extensive Security Options.

AWS database allows you to isolate your most confidential database from the public cloud network to a virtual private cloud network, named Amazon VPC. You can control this private database using the Amazon Key Management Services which works as encryption to your database. You can create a key on your own to access your private database and share it with someone you would like to.

The above-written points show you the impact of cloud-based hosting and database from Amazon Web Services to an eCommerce site, and the way it can beneficiate it. Both of these provide an inexpensive way to the site growth along with various expertise features into it and a broader range of services.

Thank you for reading the full article. If you have enjoyed the article then let us know in the comment box and don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. Just like the Amazon Web Services, we also provide the same quality cloud-based eCommerce solutions. If you are looking for building a new database or if you wish to manage any of your old databases, then please get in touch. We in WinSquares, focus on providing the best quality services to our clients at an affordable rate. Thank you again!


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