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How Technology Enhances Human Augmentation?

Human augmentation is mainly a field of study that focuses on the methods and technologies that enhance the productivity and capabilities of humans. Some of us may have an idea about it. Yes, technologies and the advancements of these technologies lead to the advent of human augmentations. Even for this augmentation, we can see individuals are going out and living their normal lives instead of being limited by their disabilities either physical or cognitive. Even the physically impaired individuals are welcoming these augmentations in their lives, and all of these are being possible with the combination of modern technologies.

The DARQ Age: Coming Era for Technologies

The term DARQ consists of Distributed Ledger Technology as for D, Artificial Intelligence as for A, Extended Reality as for R, and Quantum Computing as for Q. The analytics and the researches show that almost 85% of businesses have experimented with one or more DARQ technologies into their businesses, and it is expected that DARQ technologies will provide a more competitive advantage that they have not experienced with the previously SMAC technologies, i.e., Social Media, Mobile-Friendly Application, Analytics, and Cloud Computing.