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How Technology Enhances Human Augmentation

With the rising technologies, we may have developed the thought that technologies will displace the jobs of humans, and the robots will take over the world, but that will not happen. The latest technologies are just taking over the repetitive tasks to free us up to focus on the more important tasks and increase our productivity, as the algorithms can not tell about the way you create values to your businesses, so the machines have to rely on humans. And all of these lead us to the fact that automation can not be the future, the future is the “human augmentation”.

Human augmentation is mainly a field of study that focuses on the methods and technologies that enhance the productivity and capabilities of humans. Some of us may have an idea about it. Yes, technologies and the advancements of these technologies lead to the advent of human augmentations. Even for this augmentation, we can see individuals are going out and living their normal lives instead of being limited by their disabilities either physical or cognitive. Even the physically impaired individuals are welcoming these augmentations in their lives, and all of these are being possible with the combination of modern technologies.

What is Human Augmentation?

As I said previously, human augmentation is the way to make a human being more productive through technology. This human augmentation is not the new arrived things. If you went back to the times of our prehistoric cave dweller ancestors then you could find out that we augmented ourselves from the very first of day of evolution with the technologies, e.g., our ancestors used the rocks to shape their tools more pointed so that it can hit their target from a wide distance too. Like them, if you see today, you can find out individuals using 3D printing to develop one extra thumb for extending their grips for some works. This modern-day human augmentation is sometimes called “Human 2.0”, which is a field of study that deals with increasing the productivity and capability of humans through medicines or technologies, and it can be applied to improve the sensing, action or cognitive abilities of humans.

How Technology Enhances Human Augmentation?

Using technologies to improve the sensing, action and cognitive productivity and capability of humans is the main focus of human augmentation. These kinds of improvements are attained through many acting and sensing technologies like AI or Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc. 

Now coming to the main point, automation is a part of human augmentation, and the technology behind this is AI. We know about artificial intelligence, which has the two main components of machine learning, and deep learning. Through machine learning, AI can augment the human workers in the workplace, by allowing the machines to work automatically and the human workers to be more productive by focussing on the other important works. Mainly the repetitive tasks are at the higher chances to be taken over by the AI. Mainly the transportation and the manufacturing industries have the huge application of AI through robotic process automation, that is these repetitive tasks are being offloaded by the robots to free up the human workers for doing some more productive work. Also, for the customer handling services, answering some FAQs can easily be taken over by the Chatbots, so the human customer executives can focus on doing some other important stuff.

The Internet of Things is the second big technology to enhance human augmentation in the workplace. By using devices that can be connected to the open data source, formerly big data assets, with the help of the internet the millions of data can be accessed at a time from different locations, by different users. The Internet makes this possible to share information or data over a network to reach individuals around the world. You can think about a scientist wanting to monitor the health of the earth from a particular place. Without the internet and a data connecting device he may have some limited information, but with the help of internet and open data source with computing power he can connect to the data sources around the world and even connect with other scientists. Like this, any other information can be shared over the network, and through this, the devices can connect the data to the human body either by visual form or by textual form. 

Similarly, the extended reality augments our lives and our visions by extending it beyond reality. It can seamlessly connect the virtual world to our real physical world. Through extended reality, the sensing capability of human beings is enhancing. For example, if you are present in your New York office, and you may have to visit one of your factories in London, what should you do? Traveling will make the time longer than expected, at this moment by wearing a VR headset and wearable devices you can see the full-fledged view of your company like you are walking there. Also, you can offer this sensing augmentation to your customers so that they can get the full view of your product, and thus it not only increases the productivity of you, even of your businesses too.

Impact of Human Augmentation in Businesses:

  • The modern technologies are taking over the repetitive works of businesses by augmenting productivity and capability, and that is also making the business capable of being more productive throughout time.
  • More productivity leads the businesses to get stronger brand value, which can provide them a competitive advantage from the market competition.
  • Having a stronger brand, and competitive advantage, the businesses will get a good global impact on them.
  • By all of these, the businesses will get more opportunities to reach their goals.

The above passages give you the idea about human augmentation and its enhancements through modern technologies, along with its impact on global businesses. Though besides having such positive impacts, everything has negative impacts too. In this case, human augmentation through modern technologies has also some drawbacks. We are becoming too dependent on the technologies, and using it so much to increase our productivity. By using devices we are producing millions of data and these data are being shared over a network, which means there are the third parties who can access the datasets, and this is giving a security and privacy problem to modern human augmentation. But if used with the right hands and the right way, then this technology-enhanced human augmentation can be the future.

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