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AI in Cybersecurity

The increasing numbers of cyber attacks and cyber threats are continuously making today’s cybersecurity tools and human cybersecurity teams impossible to cope up with this latest malware problems. Even almost 56% of researches and surveys show that cybersecurity analysts can not cope up with the increasing numbers of malware. These cyber-attacks are growing in numbers on a daily basis and making it more complex to cope up with this. And reaching these hackers is also getting impossible as they can commit the theft or do harm in someone’s personal or professional resources remotely with the help of the latest technologies. 

To solve this problem we can take help from artificial intelligence or AI, as it can help the system and the analysts to stay away from the cyber-attacks and threats and provides instant insights by analyzing logs and getting information from certain resources like the research papers, blogs or article stories regarding the cyberattacks and cybersecurity threats. The AI can help the businesses to fight through the daily attacks and alert them about this. It has already helped the businesses by putting the biometric logins to the users and also by suggesting strong and more secure passwords with the help of its machine learning technology. As an example, you can take consideration of credit card fraud prevention, as AI can detect the unusual purchase and warns you about it.

Why do we need this AI in cybersecurity?

With such increasing numbers of cyber-attacks and threats, many companies are leveraging AI in their security systems just like they use it to automate their machines and do certain tasks without any human manual labor. Including AI in the cybersecurity systems, it can change the way of working for the cybersecurity team members and analysts. 

By attaching with the traditional security system it is making the cognitive security which will have the database of traditional security along with an intelligence similarly a human. Just like other cognitive smart computer applications who use AI to learn from the information and datasets, the security tools and systems will use data mining, pattern recognition features and NLP technologies to simulate human intelligence and build a high computer security model.

Also, AI is good at making decisions by learning through datasets and information to automate numerous tasks. So it can provide the security systems by analyzing various datasets about the cyber attacks, malware codes, anomalies, etc., and understand the field for making better decisions about this and prevent the attacks. Also, it can make a new skill set regarding the latest threat, that can help the human cybersecurity teams to cope up with the upcoming cyber attacks. About 1 million malware is getting created by hackers to harm the companies and making it impossible for the teams to cope up with this. But the AI can help us to spot this malware and stop approximately 90% of the threats to take place. 

How can you implement AI in your cybersecurity?

The AI can be implemented in cybersecurity in three ways which are as follows,

Updating the Security Database:

AI can be used to update the security database. Like by analyzing the logs from various sources as research articles and blog posts the AI can be able to detect when the new threats are about to come and harm the system. By analyzing various dataset the AI can be able to identify new malware and spyware to prevent the attacks. 

It can also update the security database by analyzing the suspicious behavior of a user or a system. Like it can detect the unusual logins, unusual network detection and unusual activities of an account or even a system, which is called the user and entity behavior analytics or UEBA. It can find out the anonymous behavior of a user by continuously scanning the user’s data and suspect when a particular activity seems to be abnormal.

Suspecting the Internet Lures:

The AI technology can be used to suspect the internet spiders or the lures that can be set by the hackers to get the information needed for stealing any data from a particular source. The AI prevents harming and data loss from these advanced persistent threats or APTs. 

The lures or the hacking spiders can scrawl through the internet to get the credentials. AI helps us to detect those bad actors and by Machine Learning technology, it correlates with the targeted analytics and can tell you that something bad is going to happen in your environment. 

Adaptive Security: 

AI can help us to protect our confidential files and information by implementing adaptive security in the system. So that when a system stores about one or more than confidential files or the information it can detect them automatically by searching for a particular word like “important” and provide them extra protection to prevent any data breaching. When it detects a flaw towards these files it can automatically block the access to these files or information. It can even suggest a stronger security system for those files and information. 

Advantages of using AI in Cybersecurity:

Using AI in cybersecurity is beneficial, as it can help the cybersecurity system stronger. The AI can help the cybersecurity system and tools by such ways,

– The AI contributes secure logins to the user by enabling the biometric, which uses fingerprints, palm print, retina or the face of the user. And also it provides the user multi authentication factor by combining with a password so the logins will be more authentic.

– The conventional security systems and tools can not easily detect everything about the malware and attacks as the different types of malware are being generated daily basis in increasing numbers, so the AI can detect malicious activities by recognizing the patterns with its complex algorithms. Through this, the system can detect any smallest behaviors of malware before it enters or causes harm to any server.

– Using the NLP technology, the AI can be able to go through any manual scripts like news reports, blogs or the datasets to learn everything about the malware. They can even provide insights about the anomalies, cyber attacks, and prevention strategies that will be more human-like. And thus it allows the cybersecurity teams to be updated on the upcoming attacks, threats, and risks for data loss.

– By updating the cybersecurity tools and firms with more human-like intelligence, the AI is making the cybersecurity smarter and building cognitive security.

Disadvantages of using AI in Cybersecurity

There should be disadvantages present besides having advantages for anything in the world. Similarly, there are certain drawbacks or limitations for using AI in the cybersecurity as follows,

– To make the AI learn everything about the malware, anomalies, malware codes, non-malicious codes, previous cyber attacks the companies have to provide a lot more resources and data sets. To gather that information and data sets the companies to have to bear both cost and times, as gathering all the information about cyber attacks and security teams are time-consuming. So not every company can afford both of these.

– Another most important drawback is that hackers can also use AI to test their malware and enhance it to be more AI protective. And if an AI proof malware can be created and spread out through the internet then it can be more destructive than others. Using AI the hackers will be able to create cognitive hacking to attack in a more advanced and cognitive way. 

The use of AI in cybersecurity is certainly beneficial, but it should be used by good people. To make full use of this AI in the cybersecurity teams, it is important to check whether it is getting used by the right hand or not. The impact of AI in cybersecurity is a great concept and it will reduce cyber attacks gradually if implemented correctly. 

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