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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

The increasing numbers of cyber attacks and cyber threats are continuously making today’s cybersecurity tools and human cybersecurity teams impossible to cope up with this latest malware problems. Even almost 56% of researches and surveys show that cybersecurity analysts can not cope up with the increasing numbers of malware. These cyber-attacks are growing in numbers on a daily basis and making it more complex to cope up with this. And reaching these hackers is also getting impossible as they can commit the theft or do harm in someone’s personal or professional resources remotely with the help of the latest technologies.

Recent trends of Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are a new and trending form of computation that solves the problems in a faster and quicker way, which will take longer times in the case of classical computers. It uses Qubits instead of the classical bits that classical computers use. The basic difference between the qubits and the classical bits lies in their shape and the nature of the data that they encode. The quantum computer has been in the experimental stage for so many years and it is still evolving. In the last year, the Quantum Computer has got so much attention with the inventions of Google’s “Quantum Supremacy”. And the research is also showing that the total market expenditure for Quantum Computing is going to reach up to $9.1 billion annually by the year 2030.

Natural Language Processing and RPA

NLP or natural language processing is a branch of computer technology. It actually smoothens the connection between human and machine by teaching the machines to understand natural human language both verbally and written. Don’t you think that why NLP, while using ML it is able to identify the data sets and make changes to it or perform some work on it? Then come to the main point.

The Emerging Growth of Cloud Computing

The term cloud computing stands for two purposes: one is for storage purposes and its virtualized concepts that can be accessed not only from the raw computers but also from the shared with devices too. And the other purpose is to work remotely from a public cloud. The key advantages of using the cloud are its capabilities to offer more abstract storage, computer power and also network resources. It also offers faster innovations and upgrades by using its flexible resources. It may be leveraged to reduce costs, but it is also the most important technological trends for the past 10 years.

Chatbots: Is it GOOD?

Chatbots are the greatest technological invention of the consumer application technology to date and taking place at almost digital places of the World. These chatbots are more trustworthy and more flexible utilized consumer applications technology by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And due to this growing machine learning technologies, the chatbots are getting highly used in every company or business across the world.

The Next Big Thing is Arriving: 5G

5G networking is the next big thing that arriving at the mobile connectivity. It is the fresh and newest term in mobile networking, which also can change the businesses and consumers by its advanced technologies. As the name implies, 5G means the “fifth generation of digital cellular networking”. We can even make a definition of 5G by saying, it is the fifth generation of digital wireless communication, that will provide faster data transfer speeds by enabling more devices to connect with the same networks at a time from the same place, along with more stability and less buffering. With these advanced technologies, this 5G networking will definitely supercharge the business sectors. Even the research shows that almost 60% of the business sectors will imply this new and updated 5G technology by the next year.

The Coming IT Trends: Extended Reality

The future always seems to be exciting and along with the updated technologies, it is showing tremendous growth and up-gradation. In the future, we all are going to have a very busy schedule, where we have to do multitasking at a time, like to attend a meeting in China, hanging out with the mates at the break time in Japan, or to check the productivity of one of the companies which are in Switzerland, and we have to do all of this at a day. Seems impossible? But with the help of this new technology, it is possible to attend all of this event from your New York comfy office.

Internet of Things – 2020

IoT, or the Internet of Things, by name it can be easily recognized that it is a technology by which humanly things got interconnected with the digital information system. It is a system that allows the billions of physical devices to be connected digitally with each other and thus to collect and share data between themselves. It is an interrelating computer device that actually transfers data to any devices, whether mechanical or digital machines, from any objects having unique identities, like any animals or people, by connecting them over a network, but without being interacted directly with each other, just like a human to human interaction or a human to computer interaction. It is not like the huge rocket science, it is just as simple as by adding sensors and intelligence to the digital devices that make them automated. All theses are dependent on the chip processor and obviously wireless networking.