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3 Instagram Video Strategies to Boost the eCommerce Sales

As the pandemic is increased day by day, the eCommerce industry is becoming competitive. Thousands of business persons already shifted their brick-and-mortar business to the digital platforms and more to come, which makes the competition more fierce. Everyone is having the same aim to get along with the flow and beat the competitors with the master strategies to boost up the sales and reach global consumers. At this time, being competitive with an advantage from social media support is the only way to hold your place and stand out from this competition. So, what should you do to leverage social media benefits to your eCommerce business?

If you are looking for an answer, then first you should know the role of social media in eCommerce, and then you should follow the one platform that has more active users and trendy features to customize your product information. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms having more than 1 million active users joining in a month and almost 60% of them have the tendencies to purchase products online from the social media channels. But unfortunately, you are not the only one to assume that, and there are millions of business profiles already on Instagram, and more are on their way as well. Hence you need to do something different to stand out of this competition and increase your sales, and one of the ways to do that is to use the benefits of Instagram videos. But before getting to that, you should know the way Instagram videos can be beneficial for eCommerce.

Using Instagram Videos for eCommerce

Consumers prefer the product videos more than the written posts because it depicts a clear vision about the product and they can watch the product in action through it. And Instagram has proved itself as a big platform for consuming videos with launching features like Instagram stories and IGTv which let people share their thoughts and stories within a limitation of the time. Instagram Stories let you upload a video of 15 seconds duration and this is a better place to upload a video of behind the scenes, where you can show a timelapse video of making the products, etc. Whereas the IGTv gives the option to post a video of 10 minutes duration for the unverified and 1-hour duration for the verified business profile, like the YouTube video creators. It will be posted in your feed just like the feed videos but as a series, and the long videos will allow you to put all the information in it.

The Instagram Feed videos let you upload a video with a 1-minute duration for promoting your products. Here you can upload a video by reviewing your products. As I previously said, consumers prefer video posts more than the written posts, this Instagram feed video feature will let you reach more people. Other than this, there is Instagram Live, which is similar to Facebook Live. It is a live streaming video feature from Instagram where you will come live rather than posting a scripted pre-recorded video, and research says live videos are more engaging than the feed videos. Instagram Live video for product promotion is a trendy tool in 2020. Also, it will let your consumers watch the products in action in real-time without any scripts, and you can answer their live questions though this.

Recently Instagram launched a new feature into its video creation platform, called Reels, which let you upload videos with adding music in its background. It works similarly to the popular video platform TikTok, letting you choose the music that you want to put in your videos. Though it still has not got much popularity for business promotion, it is on the way to.

3 Instagram Video Strategies to Boost the eCommerce Sales

Since you know all the options to use the Instagram video for your eCommerce sales and the benefits of using it, now it is the time to focus on the strategies. As I said, there are millions of business profiles already in the Instagram, and many will join soon, you need to do something different to stand out from this and improve your brand, the following three strategies will help you,

1. If you want to take the benefits of the Instagram videos to boost your eCommerce sales, then first you need to increase your Instagram popularity or you can say the rank. As the Instagram feed algorithm works pretty much like Facebook, it will allow the users who follow you to watch your posts and react to them. So you need to increase your followers, and for this, you need to engage more people in your account. Create video posts with engaging content on topics from your niche, which will drive traffic to your Instagram account and increase your followers. Once you get several followers, you can post the promotional video content of any of your products, and get lots of views and comments. But if you engage followers from different niches by placing different posts previously, then this step will cost you the loss of your followers.

2. Once you survive the first step, then you are ready for the next step, and that is to create promotional videos and post it on your Instagram account. All you need to have a good camera, a place with good lighting, and a good application to edit your videos. There are several tools for video creation available online, you can use the templates from there too. Use a relevant caption for the video which will elaborate your purpose of the video in short. Though the feed autoplay the videos, it still relies on the users to unmute it, so it will be better if you include subtitles on your videos. Also, you can tag your shown products in the videos too with the shoppable post feature of Instagram. From there, the followers will be able to view the products and the pricings by tapping on the tag, and if they want to purchase they can click on the pricing, and purchase the product from your site without leaving the platform.

3. The other way to promote your products to collaborate with Instagram influencers. You will find them there by searching by your niche and follow their profiles. If their followers’ numbers, popularity matches with your product then you can approach them in the DM with your products and pricing for promoting them. This way you not only reach your followers, but also to the followers of the influencers too, which will make your brand more popular and increase your traffic to the site as well as the sales. The influencers generally create a video on their own and post it on their Instagram account by tagging you in it and mentioning your brand in the caption of the post.

The above-written passages show you the use of the Instagram videos for eCommerce as well as the ways to use it for promoting your business and products there. I recommend you to follow these three above mentioned strategies to promote your eCommerce site on Instagram and boost up your sales. Start with creating the engaging video content and then the promotional videos. And once you get the platform, collaborate with influencers, and get all the benefits from Instagram videos. One thing you should keep in your mind and that is to focus on your niche, if you forget your niche and connect with everyone then at the end you will experience the loss of the followers.

Thank you for reading the full article. If you have enjoyed this, then share it with your friends and colleagues. Write about the way you are using Instagram for promoting your eCommerce business and share your experience with us in the comment box. Also, please get in touch with us regarding any eCommerce related topic. And if you still don’t have one, then contact us for getting a ready-to-use website for your business. WinSquares is always there for you.


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