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Inventory Control to Start A New Business: Dropshipping

Inventory or warehouse maintenance and its cleaning is a major cost addition to your company’s revenues every year. For new businesses involving a huge chunk of their investment in inventory rental and management is at alarmingly high risk. Considering the skyrocketing prices of real estate, renting a warehouse for inventory is an absolute predicament. Most new startups tend to have limited human resources and money. These resources need to be carefully allocated and judiciously used. Meticulous strategies have to be implemented to achieve profits in the early stage of a business. This is where dropshipping offers a better deal to these startups.

8 Viable eCommerce Businesses Ideas to Kick Start 2021

With the continuous growth of technologization, it is important to incorporate the latest technologies into developing new business ideas as our modern world has already accelerated towards the popularity of the startup-oriented work culture. This will improve the business to be updated to recent technologies as well as strengthen the brand value. As the human needs constantly change with advancements and a better lifestyle, fresh business ideas are always a must-need. Digitization is one of those fresh ideas which can improve both the growth and brand reputation for a business.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application

With the current pandemic situation and lockdowns all over the world, the time we spend with our mobile phones has drastically increased. And nowadays mobile phones are so affordable, that even the kids under teenage are occupied with smartphones most of the time. And when the world is already in the digital age, this pandemic just worked as a catalyst. In this time, many of the businesses have gone digital from their brick-and-mortar business, but there are competitions too. While everyone is trying to beat others with a competitive advantage, making your business popular among all of them will be quite problematic. According to some research, the use of mobile phones has been increased through times, which let the business have the opportunity to reach them via their smartphones, with a mobile application for the business. In this article, I am going to depict the reason why your online business needs a mobile application along with the benefits.

5 Benefits of Using Big Data Analytics in eCommerce

The number of online buyers is increasing through time since the pandemic hit the world. But if we look back, then we can see there was always a boom in the graph of digital buyers in the previous years. This pandemic may make them more prone to online shopping, but research from the previous years shows that the number of online buyers has reached almost 1.92 billion, which is almost a quarter of the world’s total population. And with the numbers of digital buyers, the online stores had also been increased. Research shows Amazon solely displays almost 122 million products on its website and these numerous online transactions produce a huge amount of data. In this article, I will depict the benefits of using this big data to improve business growth and increase sales. But jumping to that part, let’s start with an introduction to Big Data Analytics.

3 Instagram Video Strategies to Boost the eCommerce Sales

As the pandemic is increased day by day, the eCommerce industry is becoming competitive. Thousands of business persons already shifted their brick-and-mortar business to the digital platforms and more to come, which makes the competition more fierce. Everyone is having the same aim to get along with the flow and beat the competitors with the master strategies to boost up the sales and reach global consumers. At this time, being competitive with an advantage from social media support is the only way to hold your place and stand out from this competition. So, what should you do to leverage social media benefits to your eCommerce business?

What type of content you should have on your eCommerce site?

In general terms, content means the information that is published on a site either in an infographic form or maybe in text format, it is something that educates others about a thing (product/service) in an explained form. If you can feel the content of an object or services then you will be happy about the product and personalize it. There are two ways to present content, i.e., containing someone or you can say making someone educated regarding a topic and feeling the content or you can say completely understanding about the topic through the content. Both of these are used in eCommerce industries. The site owner tries to provide good quality relevant content to his/her customers for making them personalize about the products and services they offer. There are numerous contents and everything is not a must for an eCommerce e site. This article will tell you about the 5 types of content that you should have on your eCommerce site. But first, let’s get to know why it is necessary!

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

Our business process has been changed, we have shifted almost everything from our brick-and-mortar space to digital space. The Digital era has started long ago, but most of us are not used to this flow until the global pandemic hit the world. It set us locked down in our homes, and forced us to operate every essential work from our homes. Almost 70% of the global working population are now working from their homes because we can’t let this pandemic stop our work. For the future post-pandemic world, we have to hold the global economy. And hence a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses run out the track and collapsed, while many of the organizations are leveraging technologies to operate their processes. And the competition is high now, everyone wants to thrive in the post-pandemic world, and the technologies are the only saviors. In this article, I will discuss how organizations can get a competitive advantage by using AI and Advanced Analytics in proper ways. Let’s start with the fact of how AI and analytics mean to the business process.

The Role of AI in eCommerce

The traditional eCommerce is past now, it has been boomed up with the huge growth of consumers, and updating with modern technologies. To keep the consumer’s number increasing and getting a competitive advantage, the online business owners are leveraging many of the updated technologies in the eCommerce. These modern technologies help to improve the customer experience, increase more customer engagement, increase sales, lowering the costs, and strengthen the brand value. Artificial Intelligence is one of those modern technologies reshaping the future of eCommerce. But before going to the points of the application of AI on eCommerce, let’s discuss the way AI is transforming the traditional shopping experience!

Ways Businesses are Using RPA to Stay Competitive in this Pandemic

We have been digital enough to leave the humans’ work on the machines and let others focus on some other important tasks, and this is not surprising for the businesses that are using RPA to a whole new level to stay competitive at this time. Without any doubt, the pandemic will end one day, and the businesses should thrive towards that reach point to keep the global economy alive, but for this, we need to stay safe and well until we get a permanent solution in our hands. This pandemic sets us locked down in our homes, we can’t get to the workplaces to operate our works directly, even we can’t let the other employees take the risk on their lives, and in this case, only machines can help us out. Yes, I am talking about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We have known enough their benefits on the business process and this is the perfect time to implement this on the business to stay competitive, as the market competition will not decrease any way whether it is pandemic or not. So, let’s take a brief look at the impact of RPA on global businesses.

How Technology Enhances Human Augmentation?

Human augmentation is mainly a field of study that focuses on the methods and technologies that enhance the productivity and capabilities of humans. Some of us may have an idea about it. Yes, technologies and the advancements of these technologies lead to the advent of human augmentations. Even for this augmentation, we can see individuals are going out and living their normal lives instead of being limited by their disabilities either physical or cognitive. Even the physically impaired individuals are welcoming these augmentations in their lives, and all of these are being possible with the combination of modern technologies.