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Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic World

It has been 6 months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and set safety rules and regulations all over the World. Governments restricted social gatherings with several lockdowns to allow safe going out for essential services only. The industries and organizations were forced to change their work pattern, work process, and everything. All the employees became remote and started working from their homes to keep the business running. Educational institutes went for virtual teaching only. This pandemic changed everything, including cybersecurity. The more we became digital, the more we made ourselves prone to cyber attacks, and all of this made cybersecurity challenging for the post-pandemic world. Before setting to post-pandemic cybersecurity, let’s get to the reasons why we should consider cybersecurity most importantly.

Why is Cybersecurity an important part to look in the Post-Pandemic world?

Since the day Governments and officials set the rules and regulations to restrict unnecessary social gatherings and announced complete lockdown in countries, people are staying at their homes more online. The research shows that internet use has been increased by approximately 21% volume in recent days, but the graph for purchasing new devices is declining. And it is highly risky for the users as they spend more of their time on the same devices, same goes for the remote employees. Where organizations are asking employees to continue their remote works and working from home approaches, the employees tend to use the local consumer-oriented internet solutions, which is not as protected as the workplaces’. This increasing number of IoT devices in the home networks and lack of protection make the attackers easier to go through someone’s network to access their devices. While we are working hard to keep our business running from home and diverting our home networks with less security, sharing Wi-Fi passwords for better connectivity, and buffering free work experience, one single misstep can invite the malicious actors in our lives. The growing cyber attacks with more complex malware can use the devices or the users as a proxy to get to the confidential and important asset of someone’s network and that will be the biggest threat in the upcoming days.

Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic World

While the cyber attacks are growing in this pandemic, we have to be assured that we have enough shield to protect ourselves against the post-pandemic attacks. There are three common approaches we can take to improve our post-pandemic Cybersecurity.

Integration with Artificial Intelligence.

There are numerous protection shields present in our network to fight against the known attacks vectors and threats, but the biggest fear is to face the unknown, as we are not aware of the threats we are likely to face in the post-pandemic world. In this situation, one smart technology can help us and that is Artificial Intelligence. With its complex algorithms in Machine Learning and Cognitive Analytics, it can detect suspicious behavior on one’s network and devices and warn the user about it and stop the activity right then. And thus, AI can bridge the gap between the protection against the known attacks and the unknown or the rapid attacks.

Cloud Services will become more crucial than before.

Cloud services provide a cost-effective, efficient, and potentially secure way to the data storage and its applications over the cloud platforms. Organizations should increase the use of cloud storage in the post-pandemic world to make their data secured and protected. Also, the security system of the cloud storage in the in-house type, i.e., the cloud itself monitors all the activity and data storage, and when there will any malicious behaviors found on the network it will alert the administration regarding this and block the activity right away. Also, there are two options in the cloud network, public and private. In the public network, the data or file is open to all present on the same network whereas, in the private cloud, any confidential data or file is available to the one, whom it is shared with only. All the organizations need to adopt and manage the cloud services to their process in the post-pandemic world to get rid of the unknown cyber-attacks.

Increased use in Biometric User Identification.

User access control is largely based on the information of what you know i.e., the username and what you have i.e. the password. Every time we use any password-based security it’s been saved in the network. And it makes it easier for an intruder to get to the security password if they manage to sneak on the network. And all of these threats concluded that we have to improve the individual identity more with information like who you are i.e., more biometric user identification. Information like fingerprints, retina, etc. is unique and non-shareable. Increased use in biometric user access can reduce the attack visibly and provide a secure environment in post-pandemic cybersecurity. Organizations should replace their traditional password-based user access with their biometric user identities.

The above passage shows you the possible way out to improve the cybersecurity in the post-pandemic world including the reasons why we should focus on this most. Digitization makes our lives easier and simpler, but on the other hand, digitization with a lack of security is riskier. And while most of the working population are operating from their homes, there are more chances to get vulnerable to the attacks. Organizations should be prepared with their strategies and protective shields to protect themselves with both known and unknown post-pandemic threat vectors.

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