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Cyber-Physical System in Recasting Today’s World
Our world is evolving, it is updating itself daily with innovations, either technical or biological. Every day we are inventing something new, we always seek for new things, we try to update ourselves with the innovations, most popular of them are today’s information technology. With the help of updated technology, we remain connected with others even in this pandemic, and still, now we are on the ship. From those modern technologies, today I am going to depict the one which is recasting today’s world with its vast applications in almost every field and the advantages of using it. I guess we all are already aware of the term Cyber-Physical System or CPS, but still, it is best to start from the beginning. So let’s start with the introduction.

What is the Cyber-Physical System?

The cyber-physical systems are a part of embedded systems. Coined first by Ellen Gill in 2006 CPS is termed as the next-generation computing system. The CPS is the horizon where physical hardware is controlled by coded software. It can communicate with tangible objects and instruct for actions. The term cyber-physical is thus created by joining the mere two words. The CPS controls real-world systems using computational or digital controls. The CPS unit contains a combination of cyber and physical components. This is then embedded into the needed system. The CPS controls are also embedded with sensors and actuators. This helps in identifying the potential indicative codes received from the physical system. These codes are then sent via the Internet. CPS system is the digital twin of the Internet of Things.

The Advantages of Cyber-Physical Systems

The cyber-physical systems are a phenomenal invention that can cut down many human issues. Some highlights of these benefits are discussed below, The Connection Between Real-Life Systems Are Established The most obvious reason cyber-physical systems are increasingly common in today’s technology is due to its involvement of both the hardware and the software. Its capability of connecting tangible objects to the computer is the feasible solution for a variety of human problems. It can be used for several real-life complex problems which are very unsafe for humans to perform, hence several death cases due to accidents in dangerous workplaces can be reduced. Adaptive Intelligence and Robustness The cyber-physical systems can adapt intelligence. This comes in handy as these systems can change their applications with the requirement. The CPS is also vastly robust and failure is minimal. Therefore it is capable of application in most adverse situations. Capable of Linking to the Cloud We all know how easy things run when it can be linked to the cloud. Well, the cyber-physical systems can be linked to the cloud servers. Thus coding and storage become more feasible. This makes a lot of things easy for any organization. Predominantly User Friendly The cyber-physical systems are user friendly and easy to operate. Once its purpose and set up is done correctly, it can be operated from anywhere. So it gives the advantage of virtual operations. The actual benefit of CPS is especially during the pandemic. The offices were closed down but work could continue because the physical systems were linked to the computers. It can be miraculously operated even though the person is not present physically in front of the computer.

Applications of CPS

The major applications of CPS are noticed mainly in manufacturing, information technology sectors, transport, construction, agriculture, and hospitals. Below I am sharing glimpses of the applications,
  • Manufacturing requires a major chunk of revenue for the workers. But imagine the machines working on their own and everything can be controlled remotely by a single person. This is what the future of the CPS is. The CPS can control manufacturing devices and work accordingly with the instructions given remotely. Moreover, accidents due to device defects will be almost nil due to remote working. A large number of workplace mortality can be avoided using CPS.
  • Information Technology companies can multi-dimensionally use the CPS technology for their services such as providing a bank ATM, a digital cash counting machine, or an automated passbook printer.
  • Construction companies can use the CPS controls to perform more dangerous works such as drilling at heights. Some hazardous works such as the operation of excavators at heights can also be operated using the CPS controls in the future.
  • In agriculture, CPS can be used to measure productivity contributing factors such as temperature, humidity, water, fertilizers, and solar radiation. These factors can be continuously monitored and automatically adjusted using the CPS controls without human intervention. Also, reports of the crop condition can be easily developed at any point of time using such accuracy of data.
  • Transportation can also be optimized using the CPS technology by collecting data such as traffic or locations. Self-drive cars are the next generation CPS technology which will help prevent accidents by sharing real-time data. Hospitals are already using CPS to monitor patient health. Also, research is ongoing for doctors to remotely operate patients to avoid any infection spread.
The groundbreaking technology of CPS has no limitations to its usage. From household to space the CPS   is changing the mindset of today’s civilizations.  There is no uncertainty about the complete revolution of the world due to CPS technology. Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was well informed. In case you want any further information on CPS technology, kindly contact us. Team WinSquares will be happy to help you and make your work easier. It will be our immense pleasure if you give your valuable feedback in the comment section. Please share this article with your loved ones and professional circle if you like it. Thank you again!


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