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Cyber-Physical System in Recasting Today’s World

Our world is evolving, it is updating itself daily with innovations, either technical or biological. Every day we are inventing something new, we always seek for new things, we try to update ourselves with the innovations, most popular of them are today’s information technology. With the help of updated technology, we remain connected with others even in this pandemic, and still, now we are on the ship. From those modern technologies, today I am going to depict the one which is recasting today’s world with its vast applications in almost every field and the advantages of using it. I guess we all are already aware of the term Cyber-Physical System or CPS, but still, it is best to start from the beginning. So let’s start with the introduction.

Machine Learning for Augmented Supply Chain Networks

We are being dependent on AI or Artificial Intelligence in many ways, it has taken over almost every sector we work in. Even our homes are becoming smart with the implementation of AI and reducing the human effort to a great extent by making the machines able to work like humans but in a better way. There isn’t a single industry left in the world that hasn’t adopted AI technology in its processes. Like that, the logistics are also not far from utilizing AI in their process. Human errors that cannot be controlled by any kind of poka-yoke or kaizen can be completely replaced by machine learning algorithms. Optimized processes can also be well achieved by analyzing the huge data that is impossible to compute at a manual level thus eliminating human error and saving time.

4 Reasons Why You Should Include Automation in the Business Process

Automation is a buzzword in today’s business world, especially since the pandemic wave hit us. Many of the business owners started to include automation in their business process to keep it running while the maximum of the working population is working as remote employees. Businesses are automating their process to keep maintaining the rules and regulations of avoiding social gatherings. But apart from this, it is necessary to have the exact knowledge of automation and the reasons for including it in the process. If a business process is automated without a clear understanding of it, then there are chances that it can lead to more harm to the business. This article will tell you the reasons why you should include automation in your business process apart from taking it as an option to run your business in the pandemic. But, before coming to that, we should go with a basic introductory part regarding Business Process Automation.

3 Ways 5G is Revolutionizing Business Productivity

To run the business, you may have implemented the latest technologies in your business, but will you be able to be updated in real-time? When everyone is at home and the internet is the only way to communicate with each other, you may face trouble getting real-time updates. Stopping your surroundings to use the internet may be impossible to think about, but we can improve the connectivity. Here come the roles of 5G. We all know it for its greater connectivity and significantly lower latency. Now let’s see if it can revolutionize business productivity or not.

How Technology Enhances Human Augmentation?

Human augmentation is mainly a field of study that focuses on the methods and technologies that enhance the productivity and capabilities of humans. Some of us may have an idea about it. Yes, technologies and the advancements of these technologies lead to the advent of human augmentations. Even for this augmentation, we can see individuals are going out and living their normal lives instead of being limited by their disabilities either physical or cognitive. Even the physically impaired individuals are welcoming these augmentations in their lives, and all of these are being possible with the combination of modern technologies.

Automation is Everywhere: Autonomous Driving

Automation is everywhere surrounding us. With the advancements in the technologies, the computers with its calculation power and better sensors are controlling our daily life tasks, like we use washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator in our home, also we see the automated doors in buses and shopping malls, these all are controlled by the computers and these all are the automation in our daily life. In a broader aspect, we can think about autonomous driving as an application of automation in our lives.

The DARQ Age: Coming Era for Technologies

The term DARQ consists of Distributed Ledger Technology as for D, Artificial Intelligence as for A, Extended Reality as for R, and Quantum Computing as for Q. The analytics and the researches show that almost 85% of businesses have experimented with one or more DARQ technologies into their businesses, and it is expected that DARQ technologies will provide a more competitive advantage that they have not experienced with the previously SMAC technologies, i.e., Social Media, Mobile-Friendly Application, Analytics, and Cloud Computing.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence in the language of Computer Science, it is often known as Machine Intelligence that is some machine produced intelligence power, that has been demonstrated in contrast to human’s natural intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is not a recently made trend that occupies the tech industry by just coming, it has so much history behind its development. Since then from now, the AI is facing development by the advancements of the computer power, data science and also by some theoretical understanding of computers.