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3 Ways 5G is Revolutionizing Business Productivity

Leveraging technology in the business processes is not something new, companies did this at earlier times to get competitive advantages. But due to the pandemic, everything has been changed, the business pattern, work process, even the teamwork as well. Almost every business has been forced for being digital and the team for working remotely. This increased the market competition for all the businesses that are still running their process in this time, to thrive in the post-pandemic world. Where many businesses have already shut down for not being able to cope up with the situation, running business digitally is the only key for survival. To be unbeaten in this competition, businesses are using technology to increase their productivity and try to cope up with this hard situation.

To run the business, you may have implemented the latest technologies in your business, but will you be able to be updated in real-time? When everyone is at home and the internet is the only way to communicate with each other, you may face trouble getting real-time updates. Stopping your surroundings to use the internet may be impossible to think about, but we can improve the connectivity. Here come the roles of 5G. We all know it for its greater connectivity and significantly lower latency. Now let’s see if it can revolutionize business productivity or not.

3 ways 5G is Revolutionizing Business Productivity?

Starting with a definition, 5G is the fifth generation of connectivity technology and is considered to be 100 times faster than the previous one, i.e., the fourth generation or 4G. It is believed that 5G will bring greater connectivity to our lives and improve internet performance, by taking the Internet of Things or IoT at a new level. Its significantly lower latency rate is the main part which makes it different from the previous ones. It allows one to get real-time updates with less buffering, and loading problems. Also, the 5G is not only limited to smartphones and laptops, but also to all the machines which have internet accessibilities. It also makes online audio calls, video conferencing, cloud-based solutions, and many more for faster data sharing works faster and improves the employee experience and retention rate. But for revolutionizing the productivity, below I am depicting some common ways that will make 5G able to do it,

5G in Manufacturing and Automation.

Although we have fitted ourselves with the pandemic and become habituated with the new normal, the risk is still there. Thus still, some companies are asking their employees to continue with their work from home and remote working processes, at least to avoid the unnecessary social gatherings. But remote working on the other hand is more challenging. Maintaining a whole process from a remote place and assigning repetitive tasks to the machines for automation may sound easier, but for this, a strong internet connection is must need, which allows one to get the real-time information and share it, be it like a camera record, or any other information. 5G technology can help in this process and increase business productivity. With the lower latency, the 5G can provide real-time information in a faster way on your devices and let you monitor the process closely.  One can share a large file even in an easier and faster way possible, without any buffer and loading problem. Thus, the workers will be less stressed about the work process and more productive throughout their day.

5G in Product Designing and Sales.

Before going for marketing, a product usually goes under inception, be it manual or artificial. But when most of the employees are working from their homes and not being able to present in the workplace physically, it is quite difficult to check on the products and design them. Though by using the AR devices, you can check on the product virtually in your real world, without a strong network connection, it is not possible. But 5G can enhance the whole process with its lower latency and greater connectivity and allow the employees to check on the products remotely with their AR devices. It can also revolutionize the marketing part, by allowing a buyer to preview the product and personalize it in their real-world before making the purchase, and increase the product sales.

5G in Data Management.

Data is the most valuable asset of any business, and it is important for today’s business processes. Starting from automating certain tasks, to keeping records of the customers and their preferences, data is the only thing that has been used. But collecting and managing this data will get too hard when the connectivity is not stronger and takes too much time for loading. Although data collection and management look like repetitive tasks, handling data is crucial that needs the human touch. With greater connectivity and lower latency, 5G allows the workers to collect and share data in a faster way.

The above passages show you the 3 most common ways 5G can revolutionize business productivity. The pandemic is still here and it changed everything. We are working from home, operating businesses remotely by using the latest technologies. To run the whole system remotely the internet connectivity should be stronger, and 5G is everything we need now.

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