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Augmented Reality is Opening to New Ways in eCommerce

The only thing we love in the in-person shopping is the trial with the displayed products, be it with a new dress, or a new wristwatch, we love to try them on before purchasing. Since the pandemic is still going on, we have to rely on online shopping practices. But that does not mean that we have to compromise our favorite part of the shopping, we can still try our favorite dresses or anything at our home before ordering it from the online stores. Yes, it is possible with the integration of Augmented Reality in the field of eCommerce. We all know about the term Augmented Reality, it allows us to feel the digital object in our real world. It superimposes the digital computer-generated objects or images in the real world of a person and let him/her feel the presence of that digital object in his/her real world view. Any Snapchat or Instagram filter is the best example of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Augmented Reality in eCommerce is nothing new, as the internet users and the updated technologies are rising, it increases the market competition, it would be better to say that it levels up the competition. And to get hold of a good position in this competition, companies are always searching for ways to beat each other. And leveraging the latest technologies is the only way to win this market competition, and Augmented Reality is one of them. It has been used as one of the trends in mobile eCommerce. Sometimes we find options like View Product which let us try the products virtually before purchasing. The AR view feature was more popular in the case of interior designing and services websites, as they offer their consumers to check on the furniture or the color before confirming the product and services until the fashion eCommerce industry adopted this for winning the market competition and increasing their sales. Besides this, Augmented Reality helps to improve the eCommerce industry by allowing the customers to preview the product/services in their real lives and make them assure that they are picking up the right product for their needs.

Augmented Reality is opening to new ways in eCommerce

Now that we have already discussed Augmented Reality in the field of eCommerce, let’s get to the fact how this technology is playing important roles in eCommerce and opening to new ways for it. Below I am depicting some common ways AR is improving and revolutionizing the eCommerce industry,

Augmented Reality in increasing the sales of eCommerce

People tend to purchase products from the internet more than the services. But still, the online merchants are struggling to gain enough trust from their consumer base and overcome the psychological barrier that interrupts the consumers to purchase a product from the online stores freely. This is the only reason, every year companies lose a huge amount of sales that could be made if the consumers were confident enough to purchase the products online. To solve this issue, businesses started implementing Augmented Reality in their shopping sites. It helps the people to visualize the product in a way that they can view in a physical brick-and-mortar store before purchasing it. And this way they get to know more about the product which they are going to buy. There are plenty of customers who abandon their shopping carts on the website just because of not getting enough confidence, and by using AR, the eCommerce industry is getting a new way to increase their sales and revenues.

Augmented Reality in improving Customer Experience

Customer Experience is one of the main reasons behind the success of an eCommerce site. This may sound so easy to do, but it is not. Providing a good customer experience to every customer of your site is an impossible thing until you think about implementing some technologies. Though online shopping is more comfortable than in-person shopping, deep down we all prefer the second option, because shopping from a physical store can give us that inner peace that we won’t get from the online stores. The only advantage is that we don’t have to rush between the work hours and there will not be such a queue in the checkout area in online shopping. In this case, Augmented Reality can help eCommerce sites to improve their customer experiences. It allows the customers to preview the products in a way they can interact with them in their real world. It allows them to feel the product as they do in physical shopping. Even research shows that almost 70% of consumers prefer shopping sites that offer an AR view of the product more than that which don’t.

Augmented Reality in Customized Shopping

When it comes to choosing a design or theme for a place or room, we tend to try new shades and designs by mixing up different shades and designs. For a room color, it is way difficult to choose a color from a catalog by holding it in front of the wall, rather it is much easier to choose the theme of the room and decorate it digitally before finalizing the services. Simultaneously, for designing a room or an object, often we feel confused with the designs, but using an AR camera can help to easily mix up two or more designs and create something unique for our own. It will on the one hand increase the sales, and on the other hand, enhances the uniqueness of a person’s taste. And ultimately the site will get a hike up in their sales. Implementing AR technology with the sites itself will reduce the use of a third-party AR application and allow the customers to be more personalized about their needs.

Augmented Reality in increasing the Time Spent on Websites

The customer engagement on your site depends on how much time they spent on the web pages. It depends on various factors, i.e., the contents, products, posts, videos, etc published on your site. Normally the average time spent on a business site ranges between 2 – 3 minutes, but you can increase it by implementing Augmented Reality on your site. It will allow the visitors to view the products closely and feel the presence like they do in the physical store shopping, and let them spend more time on your site. Normally a picture of a product with a bit of information can hardly take 2 minutes for a user to spend on a product page, which will increase to 10 – 15 minutes when implementing Augmented Reality.

These above passages show you the way Augmented Reality opens new ways to the eCommerce and lets the businesses to get hold a good position in today’s market competition. When the whole world is going through a hard time, coping up with all the digital experiences may seem a little harder, since being online is the only option for the businesses to thrive to the post-pandemic world, all of them are trying to beat each other with their efficiency and productivity with these technologies. It will not only keep them running their business at this time but also allow them to stay updated with the latest technologies and find out new ways to leverage them.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you like the article, then feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues, and don’t forget to share your review with us in the below comment box. Augmented Reality is a growing technology, it is still developing. If you want to implement AR in your business then contact us, we can help you with our solutions. And if you still have doubts regarding the online business and eCommerce sites, then talk to us, we will provide you a ready-to-use website for your business. Thank you again!


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