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7 Reasons why your Business Needs a Mobile Application

With the current pandemic situation and lockdowns all over the world, the time we spend with our mobile phones has drastically increased. And nowadays mobile phones are so affordable, that even the kids under teenage are occupied with smartphones most of the time. And when the world is already in the digital age, this pandemic just worked as a catalyst. In this time, many of the businesses have gone digital from their brick-and-mortar business, but there are competitions too. While everyone is trying to beat others with a competitive advantage, making your business popular among all of them will be quite problematic. According to some research, the use of mobile phones has been increased through times, which let the business have the opportunity to reach them via their smartphones, with a mobile application for the business. In this article, I am going to depict the reason why your online business needs a mobile application along with the benefits.

7 Reasons why your Business Needs a Mobile Application

Mobile Applications are becoming more popular among eCommerce businesses and almost all kinds of services from eCommerce stores to food delivery and Edu services. And hence, almost all the businesses have started to create their presence in mobile applications and reach more people through their smartphones. The following are 7 common reasons that will tell you why exactly a business needs a mobile application to grow and achieve the goal,

Increases Visibility Enormously

Research shows that the number of smartphone users in the world has reached up to 3.5 Billion by this year and people spend almost an average of 5.4 hours daily on their phones either by social media or by other means. People have already shifted their way of searching for services from their traditional way to online search, and with the internet being at the tip of their hands, searching online has become the easiest way of finding and getting things done even while commuting, or lying on the bed without doing any activity. Hence, if you use a mobile application for your business, then you will have this great opportunity to increase the visibility of your businesses and get more customers.

Great tool for Interacting with Customers

Mobile applications are a great tool for interacting with customers, along with providing two-way communication. Two-way conversation is the process where both the sender and the respondents can initiate a message and communicate with each other and using a mobile application your customers can initiate a query with you and you can get to know their feedback without making any survey or cold calls, and this will increase the customer loyalty. Also, the online support systems in mobile applications will create a cost-efficient way to interact with customers by reducing the requirement of a new platform for Customer Relationship Management.

Provides a Competitive Advantage

Using mobile applications helps you stand out from the crowd, by providing a competitive advantage to your business. When you have a mobile application for the services you provide, it will be easier to find you online when someone searches for services similar to your business. It can help you capture a larger part of the customers and market share than the other businesses that don’t have a mobile application. By optimizing your application in the popular app store, i.e., Google Playstore, Apple app store, etc. you will get the opportunity to appear at the first place in the search pages, which makes your business more available to the people and increases your business potential growth.

Provides an Easier way to Target Customers

The visibility of an online application depends on how many times it appears on the search pagers of the consumer base. Only the right customers who search for your service, or your product will find you and it makes you visible on the top of the SERPs, hence you will get more chances to convert your leads into the sales. And this will help your targeted customer to find you easily by using the right keywords of your business.

Cultivates Customer Loyalty

The most important reason to build a mobile application for your business is to gain and cultivate loyalty from your customers. Most of the businesses use some of the common platforms to advertise their business, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, newspapers, television, billboards, websites, and email marketing, and you will not get a place to beat them using the same way. But having a mobile application, you can be a ste[p further from your competitors which makes you unbeaten in your niche. Also, the mobile application use makes your customer just a click away from communicating with you, which builds a good relationship between you and your customers.

Strengthen your Business Brand

The more time your customers spend time with your application, the more they will be inclined to purchase merchandise from you. Hence the mobile application helps both the small and mid-sized businesses strengthen their brands. You can attract customers by offering them various kinds of offers or reward points and make them choose to purchase from you, even you may get a plus one with them if you provide offers on your popular items. The more people, but from you, the more popular your brand will grow.

Increase in Sales

Shopping from a desktop or laptop is boring, you have to sit in front of them and browse through the products. Yes, mobile-friendly websites are there, but what if the connection is poor and the customers couldn’t be able to view the image of your products? You may lose one of your customers and get an abandoned cart on your site. Also, log in with username and passwords every time opening a site is frustrating, but in a mobile application you don’t have to log in every time, it will be logged in on your phone. Also, you don’t have to worry about the network connection. And all of these will eventually increase your sales.

All those above-mentioned points are shown why your business needs to have a mobile application and how it helps the business to their growth and achieving the goal with a competitive advantage. If businesses aim in a larger period is to have better engagement with their customers, good profits, and a loyal customer base, which can be gained by using a customized mobile application.

Thanks for your interest in our article and the time you spent reading the full article. Share it with your friends and colleagues, who might be interested in knowing about the uses of a mobile application for their business. If you are looking for solutions to develop a mobile application for your online business, please get in touch with us. And if you don’t have one then please contact us to get a ready-to-use website for your business and start your eCommerce business in the next 2 days. Team WinSquares is always there to help you.


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