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Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

Our business process has been changed, we have shifted almost everything from our brick-and-mortar space to digital space. The Digital era has started long ago, but most of us are not used to this flow until the global pandemic hit the world. It set us locked down in our homes, and forced us to operate every essential work from our homes. Almost 70% of the global working population are now working from their homes because we can’t let this pandemic stop our work. For the future post-pandemic world, we have to hold the global economy. And hence a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses run out the track and collapsed, while many of the organizations are leveraging technologies to operate their processes. And the competition is high now, everyone wants to thrive in the post-pandemic world, and the technologies are the only saviors. In this article, I will discuss how organizations can get a competitive advantage by using AI and Advanced Analytics in proper ways. Let’s start with the fact of how AI and analytics mean to the business process.

Roles of Social Media in eCommerce

We like flexibilities, we like to do things when we want and from anywhere we want, and this is possible only because technology is our friends. We the people of the digital age are more tech-dependent than our former generation, and we consider the online world as our everything. From doing businesses to meeting a friend everything we prefer to do online rather than meeting in-person. Just like that, the way of promoting products has been shifted from the typical paper and television advertisements to digital ads. And it is way simpler than the former one. Social Media is one of the trendiest ways to promote products and do business with large audiences. But you may have a question regarding why social media and how can it help the business as well? So, now let’s get to the first question in my next paragraph.

4 Trends for Mobile eCommerce to try in 2020

Mobile eCommerce is opening a new direction in the eCommerce field, where the customers will feel more comfortable to shop online. The maximum of the online consumer base is covered with the Millennials and Gen Zers holders, and they are more likely to purchase items from their smartphones. For these new tech-savvy individuals the growth of mobile eCommerce is increasing through time. This mobile eCommerce is contributing major salse growth to the eCommerce industry and is an important part. So let’s see first the basic things of mobile eCommerce.

What is AI-Based Visual Inspection?

We usually check on the foods before serving them to our guests, so that they will not get any trouble after having that. Simultaneously, for a business, it is necessary to check on the products of their production line to check the quality of the products. And this process is called visual inspection. In the whole process, a person who is known as the inspector will check all the products by running them through some tests and visually checking on them, to detect if there are any damages or defects. After the approval, the products will be launched in the market. Sometimes the inspectors have to check the production equipment ads well, to make sure that everything is in a good state. But this whole visual inspection consists of daily repetitive tasks and consumes a lot of time, say for example a whole day or more than a day. And in this hard time when the maximum of the employees are not present in the workplace physically, the inspection is taking more and more time, and here comes the super entry of Artificial Intelligence. So let’s see how AI is taking over the Visual Inspection and its benefits.

The Role of AI in eCommerce

The traditional eCommerce is past now, it has been boomed up with the huge growth of consumers, and updating with modern technologies. To keep the consumer’s number increasing and getting a competitive advantage, the online business owners are leveraging many of the updated technologies in the eCommerce. These modern technologies help to improve the customer experience, increase more customer engagement, increase sales, lowering the costs, and strengthen the brand value. Artificial Intelligence is one of those modern technologies reshaping the future of eCommerce. But before going to the points of the application of AI on eCommerce, let’s discuss the way AI is transforming the traditional shopping experience!

Ways Businesses are Using RPA to Stay Competitive in this Pandemic

We have been digital enough to leave the humans’ work on the machines and let others focus on some other important tasks, and this is not surprising for the businesses that are using RPA to a whole new level to stay competitive at this time. Without any doubt, the pandemic will end one day, and the businesses should thrive towards that reach point to keep the global economy alive, but for this, we need to stay safe and well until we get a permanent solution in our hands. This pandemic sets us locked down in our homes, we can’t get to the workplaces to operate our works directly, even we can’t let the other employees take the risk on their lives, and in this case, only machines can help us out. Yes, I am talking about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We have known enough their benefits on the business process and this is the perfect time to implement this on the business to stay competitive, as the market competition will not decrease any way whether it is pandemic or not. So, let’s take a brief look at the impact of RPA on global businesses.

The Post Pandemic Future of eCommerce

eCommerce is not a newly sprouted plant in the business world, it was there for a long time. Slowly with the help of the latest technologies and the internet, it has grown up, as business owners started to spread their business in the digital world. But due to the covid-19 pandemic, the situation got changed. With governments putting restrictions on the social gathering through lockdown, many of the businesses run out from the track, many shut down. But no one can sit like this in their homes, whereas foods and some essential commodities are necessary to be sold, and hence eCommerce being the only option to continue the business online. The future of eCommerce is bright and upward as the modern technologies are updated and still updating, and the world is being digital with these updated technologies. But, what will be its future in the post-pandemic era? Before getting into the post-pandemic future, let’s discuss the impact of this global pandemic on the eCommerce.

How Customer Discounts can Beneficiate your Online Business?

Including yourself, every customer loves a good deal. They are always looking for ways to save their money, and they prefer the stores which provide a good amount of deals on their products and services. And as a business owner, you always want to get a lot of customers on your virtual door, you always want to increase your sales. And offering discounts on products and services is the easiest way to attract people into your online stores. Whenever you tell people that they can save their money by purchasing a certain product from you or by using a certain payment process for checking out, you will quickly get their attention on your products as well as your stores. These discounts are the secret magnet that not only attracts the millions of customers to your store but also beneficiates your online business in many ways. From increasing sales to your stores, to make a strong reputation for your brand, customer discounts is the only ingredient in today’s eCommerce market competition.

How eCommerce can Boost Up Your Sales?

Being a business owner you have always looked for the opportunity to widen your reach to the customers and increase your sales. Whether a start-up or a well-known brand, everyone dreams the same, and through eCommerce, this dream can turn into reality. The technology, specifically the internet has already changed the world and our lives in every possible way, even in the business it has a strong impact. In this digital era, the normal physical brick and mortar business owners are changing their way of trading from the traditional way of business to digital businesses. eCommerce has been a part of this digitization, which lets the business owners have so many benefits that they may not have in their traditional way of business.

How AI and IoT are supporting Businesses in this Pandemic?

All of this quarantine period had passed with lots of uncertainties, sudden stoppage in the global economy, months of isolation from others, and being locked down in our own house. Now things get much better, and the economy is rising and getting back to its normal condition slowly, but the risks have not been over yet. Though the workplaces are opening and getting back to its previous way of working, and the businesses are again spreading their wings, the pandemic is not over yet! We just have unlocked ourselves from our homes, not from this pandemic. And for this, the workplaces will have to maintain certain rules and regulations like physical distancing, keeping more hygienic habits, and mostly avoiding unnecessary gatherings and meetings, which let the employers ask their employees to work from home for some more months. But this is also concerning how the companies will be able to provide their services if most of the employees are working from their homes, on other hand, how can the employees be much confident to come and operate from their workplaces by avoiding gatherings and touching on the common objects? In this digital world, is it possible to solve all these problems with technologies? Let’s find out.