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What type of content you should have on your eCommerce site

How and Why are the common questions that appear in our minds when we hear the phrase “Content is King”. We see people are investing more in the content marketing of a site rather than focussing on their offered products and services. But is it worth investing more in the content? However, this article is mainly not about why we should consider the content most, but about what are the must-have types of content one should have on their eCommerce site. Let’s start from the beginning, what is content.

In general terms, content means the information that is published on a site either in an infographic form or maybe in text format, it is something that educates others about a thing (product/service) in an explained form. If you can feel the content of an object or services then you will be happy about the product and personalize it. There are two ways to present content, i.e., containing someone or you can say making someone educated regarding a topic and feeling the content or you can say completely understanding about the topic through the content. Both of these are used in eCommerce industries. The site owner tries to provide good quality relevant content to his/her customers for making them personalize about the products and services they offer. There are numerous contents and everything is not a must for an eCommerce e site. This article will tell you about the 5 types of content that you should have on your eCommerce site. But first, let’s get to know why it is necessary!

Why is having content necessary for an eCommerce site? 

Good quality content increases the understanding and knowledge about a product/service. But despite that, it can help a site to get more search engine rankings, as well as a good lead conversion rate. Using proper keywords in the published content increases the probability of getting higher rankings in the SERPs. Besides driving traffic, it helps one to build trust with their customers. Content is the base for every strategy a site owner generally makes for improving the eCommerce site. Also, more good quality content on a site drives more traffic to that site, and gets it higher rankings, and makes the owner unbeaten in the market competition by providing a competitive advantage. Now there are numerous types of content that one can use in their eCommerce sites, but some are the must-have. In my next paragraph, I am going to depict the types of content that you should have on your eCommerce site.

What type of content you should have on your eCommerce site?

Below are some common types of content that one should have their eCommerce site,

Improve your business brand identity with a relevant Blog Post.

The blog posts are the most important content that you should publish on your eCommerce site, as it identifies your business brand and strengthens it. By writing good quality blog posts you not only get the perfect way to promote your products and services, but also allow your global customers to personalize the brand, the niche, and of course the products you display on your site. The more they will understand your brand the more they will trust you, and the more you can turn your visitors as your customers. Where your competitors are busy by focusing on improving the social media features, do something different by focussing on your blog content, and get higher rankings in SERPs along with a boom of customers. The blog allows you to be creative with your writing and let you share your thoughts. You can include reviews about your product on the blog posts and let your customers be confident enough about purchasing the product from you.

Become a leader in your niche with Editorial Content.

Sometimes you should share some facts other than your products, topics like “the way you can use your eCommerce site to be a billionaire”. Say, for example, you sell a tool that helps someone to be a billionaire through their eCommerce site. But if you depict your product in such a way where you not only promote your product but also inform your consumer base regarding the ways and the tools then you have a greater chance to get more customers and popularity. When your content is informative it is worth sharing, and thus you will get customers from different mediums and sites too. This is editorial content, and it is essential to have editorial posts on your blog. It lets your readers know that you are a leader in your niche and make you more trustworthy to them and eventually increase your sales.

Graphical Content is similarly important.

A 50 pages boring story turns into an interesting one if contains informative and eye-catching graphics in it. Simultaneously if you want more traffic to your site, then focus on the graphical content besides the written one. People often look for a video tutorial before purchasing a product online. You can include graphics to your blog posts too, like a manual video that allows your customers to see the products in action before purchasing it. It will help them to personalize the product on their own and build trust with you. Also, graphical content is easier to understand and get through than the written content. Every blog post should include a relevant good-looking featured image. As sometimes people get attracted to the blog image more than the headlines. Also, if your site contains several video contents in it, then people tend to spend more time on your site, which will increase the on-time duration of your site and increase the chances to get top ranks in SERPs.

Educate your customer base with the Product Page Content.

Research shows that customers tend to abandon their cart on the site having not enough information on the product page. Information like product description, color, warranty period, license, expected delivery time, dimensions, weight consider your brand trustworthy to your customer and make them purchase the products from you.

More about the Business: The About Us.

It matters the most for an eCommerce site to provide a brief description of the business, the brand, the owner, previous journey, and the story, along with the term and conditions. It makes you more authentic to your consumer base. Make sure that this content is static on your site and easily found. It will not only let your customers purchase merchandise from you but also reassure them that any after-purchasing issues will be dealt with carefully.

The above passages show you some must-have content you should publish on your site, not only for the sake to get a boom of customers but also get a top ranking in SERPs. It clarifies the reason for investing in more content marketing and depicts that, you should focus on your content too, besides focussing on the products and services you offer.

Thank you for reading the full article. If you like the article then feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box, it helps us to improve ourselves. For a beautiful ready-to-use website for your business, please contact us! Team WinSquares is always there to help you. Thank you again!


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